Bees In The Barn Album Music

Some of the people who helped us make it happen:

Meet Ian Kagey! Recording/mixing engineer extraordinaire and director of operations at Power Station Recording Studios. We are so lucky to have this guy working on our music!

Bees In The Barn Music

Meet Oscar Zambrano. This multi Grammy Award winning Mastering engineer put those crucial finishing touches on our music. 

Bees In The Barn Music

Here's a behind the scenes look at the band recording FAULT LINE for the album.  Like us on facebook for a chance to win a free copy!

Bees In The Barn recording album


Our second band recording session for Bees In The Barn's album went great! Lots of takes to choose from. Three more compositions recorded. Look for teaser tracks on our Facebook page!


We've begun! A great night of tracking our acoustic quartet for the album. We'll start posting teaser tracks as we go. Keep checking back.